Don't miss these 10 things at Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition at the ArtScience Museum Singapore

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Star Wars Identities: The Exhibitionis making their last stop in sunny Singapore. From Jan 30 to June 13, 2021 fans can get up close and personal with over 200 artefacts found in a galaxy far, far away awesomely displayed at the ArtScience Museum.

Star Wars fans are bound to lose their minds because everything displayed in this exhibition are real costumes, concept and props seen and used in the movies.

Aptly titled ‘Star Wars Identities’ the exhibition not only let fans take a deep dive into the Star Wars universe, but allows visitors to discover their own identity as they go upon a similar journey taken by the legendary Luke and Anakin Skywalker.

The interactive exhibition is definitely otherworldly and makes it easy for a geek to be swept away by all the fun and excitement, but before you zoom through the exhibition and head straight to the gift shop, here are 10 things to keep an eye out for at Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition (in no particular order).

1. Interactive Checkpoints

At the start of the exhibition, you would be given a wristband to put on your wrist. This wristband is your gateway to learning about your true Star Wars identity as well as the golden ticket to participating at the various checkpoints. All you have to do is tap it alongside your choice and voila, your choice will be recorded.

Every checkpoint is a stage in forming your identity – starting from choosing what kind of Star Wars species you are, what natural abilities you have, which planet you were born on, your personality, who your mentor is, your upbringing, what culture you’re part of, your career and last but not least, whether you’re standing on the dark or the light side.

Some checkpoints may require help from a friend or two so be sure to go with your best buddy, family members, or even try making one at the exhibition too (mind social distancing rules!).

2. Stormtroopers Galore, and a Bounty Hunter

Lose your breath over the stunning display of original Boba Fett and Stormtrooper costumes.

Enclosed under gold light, every single detail can be seen on their costumes. Every Stormtrooper helmet design from A New Hope all the way to The Force Awakens is being put up on display. Have fun figuring out which helmet was seen in which movie. Sorry but there are no Clone troopers from the prequels on display.

3. Original Concept Art

Before they became beloved characters on screen, all of them were sketched onto paper. Everything you need to know about how the characters came about and how the Star Wars world was built before ending up on screens is in the fine details.

It’s crazy to think that this entire world celebrated by fans young and old all started with a drawing

Did you know the first iteration of Yoda was based off a garden gnome? Or that George Lucas initially wanted a female protagonist before he settled on having twins Luke and Leia? Now you do. Pay attention to the art, folks.

4. Jedi Master Yoda

Before Grogu (aka Baby Yoda / The Child) captured the hearts of many in The Mandalorian, the world was in love with Jedi Master Yoda. Inspired by a garden gnome, Albert Einstein and monks, the wise master is not to be missed. Yes, this is a real Yoda prop model used in the movies.

5. Audio Stories And Clips

Every display area has a hanging bulb nearby it. Stand under it and an audio clip will play. Sometimes you hear audio clips from a specific scene shown in the area, other times its a narrator explaining to you what exactly you’re looking at. Star Wars Identities is a sensory and interactive exhibition so make sure to use your ears, eyes and sense of touch!

6. Han Solo In Carbonite

Star Wars has plenty of iconic scenes and moments. One of which includes Han Solo in carbonite. Fun fact: This is life-sized and sculpted after the real Han Solo, actor Harrison Ford.

According to Laela French, Director of the Star Wars Archives & Exhibits, the actor had to stick his face, hands, body and other bits into dirty bits in order to make the mould for this very iconic piece.

7. Sweet Space Rides a.k.a The Millennium Falcon, TIE Fighter, TIE Interceptor And More

Travelling in space is so much cooler than in real life. Whether you’re a Rebel fighter pilot, serving the Galactic Empire or are lucky enough to be part of Han’s inner circle of friends, you have to admit that the rides in space are super sweet.

If you’re a gears kind of person, the stunning display of the space ships in hyperspace is something you will not be able to keep your eyes off.

8. Chewbacca

Nothing says ‘loyal friend’ like Chewbacca. Fans get to see outfits of the gang up close and personal, in particular the original Chewbacca costume seen in Revenge of the Sith. Every hair you see is combed in place, manually. Imagine how long it’ll take to get through this entire suit.

9. The Jedis

For the loyal, heroic, and disciplined, feast your eyes on a stunning Jedi costume display, including that of the legendary Jedi master, Obi-Wan Kenobi.

10. Darth Vader

At the final pit stop, before you find out who your Star Wars character is, visitors will enter a room that displays Jedi costumes. Whilst surrounded by some of the best in the galaxy, you can’t help but feel a menacing presence.

Turn around and it’s none other than Darth Vader. Looking straight into everyone. Vader stands up straight in all his glory, and towers over those looking up at him. Lean in a little bit closer and you can even hear him breathing.

After adoring artefacts and pressing your face against glass, visitors will be able to find out what their Star Wars identity are. The reveal is absolutely exciting as you get you get to see your final identity in a Star Wars movie format. What you see in the reveal depends on your choices are and colours differ between red and blue according to whether you fall on the dark or light side.

Snap a picture if you’d like, but you can also email it to yourself using a machine nearby.

Once you’re done, you can head on to the gift store that sells a range of special merchandise from the exhibition like T-shirts, posters and postcards as well as Star Wars toys and games from The Mandalorian and more.

Tickets to Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition are now available for purchase at all Marina Bay Sands box offices and website. Best part is, you can use your SingapoRediscovers Vouchers too!

Ticket prices are as follows:

Ticket Type Standard Ticket Price Singapore Residents Price
Adult $32 $25
Concession $24 $2O
Family Package (2 Kids, 2 Adults) $90 $80

Admission times will be every 15 minutes starting from 10am, and average time spent at the exhibition is expected to be 1.5 hours. So be sure to allocate enough time to take in the exhibits!

This article was first published in Geek Culture.

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