Why dating a mummy's boy isn't a bad thing, says Jason Godfrey

You may be wrong if you think dating a mama's boy doesn't sound like having a crazy, sexy good time.

I fail at being the bad boy, but a mama's boy is pretty much what I am, and someone who's agreeable but confident - all thanks to mama.

Now, the mama's boy is polite - and he doesn't want to argue with authoritative figures and just wants everyone to get along, get you home, and perhaps, serve you a delicious meal (if he can cook).

Sure, the picture of you sitting on the couch chilling isn't quite as sexy as having the brooding bad boy sweeping you off your feet. But he's responsible.

He ensures the taxes get paid on time, the mortgages are taken care of, and the toilet paper is stocked up! Everything about him runs like a well-oiled engine.

He, too, is sensitive, caring, and a creature of empathy - thanks to the incredible amount of time spent with mama.


A bad boy, on the other hand, needs big signs (from women) when things don't go your way.

Picture this: You yelling, screaming, and banging your head on the wall for him to notice that maybe something is wrong. Painful.

A mama's boy recognises nuance and subtlety. 

He is attuned to the emotional ups and downs because of his close relationship with his mother.

Plus, he's a cornucopia of hugs and cuddles on the couch.

What's there to dislike: He's into hand massaging, foot rubbing, and he'll even join you for your favourite drama series, too! 

Okay, I know your concerns. 

What if your man is a little too attached at the hip to his mother?

What if the matriarch constantly comes and goes in your life - doing the dishes, cooking dinners, doing his laundry and it's simply driving you out the door to watch your boyfriend being coddled at the proverbial teat of motherhood.


Girls, I say embrace it! If his mama insists on hanging around doing all the housework and taking care of her son, let her do what she needs to do. 

You don't lose because he still loves you dearly - and your relationship isn't falling apart. 

It just means more spare time for yourself - minus the domestic chores.

This article was first published in Her World Online

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