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Certainly a departure from the usual Razer look.

We hope you like the colour pink because that's what you'll be getting with this new collaboration between Razer and Sanrio, the company behind the well-known kawaii pop culture franchise, Hello Kitty and Friends.

Specifically, these are the Razer products getting the Hello Kitty treatment: the Razer Kraken BT, Iskur X and Lumbar Cushion, and DeathAdder Essential + Goliathus medium mousepad bundle.

Razer itself is no stranger to pink, with its Quartz Pink-coloured products, like this Razer Blade Stealth, having been around for some time. But, if you can imagine, these products are decked out in an even more exorbitant amount of pink shades, bright colours and cute imagery.

For the DeathAdder and Goliathus bundle, the rainbows, clouds and Hello Kitty characters certainly set them apart from the usual Razer fare of greens and black. If you covered up the Razer logos on either of them, I doubt anyone could tell they were Razer products without getting closer.

A closer look at the new peripherals. (Image source: Razer)
A closer look at the new peripherals. PHOTO: Razer

Joining them is the Razer Kraken BT Hello Kitty and Friends Edition. To be fair, the Kraken Kitty Edition already exists, so perhaps you could think of the rounded ears and pink bow tie on the Hello Kitty version to be an evolution of the original Kraken Kitty headset. And yes, Chroma RGB is here to stay.

But it's the Iskur X that takes the title of being the showiest Hello Kitty-themed Razer product, joined by the near-solid pink Lumbar Cushion.

The back of the Iskur X Hello Kitty and Friends Edition. (Image source: Razer)
The back of the Iskur X Hello Kitty and Friends Edition. PHOTO: Razer
The front of the Hello Kitty-ised Iskur X with the Lumbar Cushion. (Image source: Razer)
The front of the Hello Kitty-ised Iskur X with the Lumbar Cushion. PHOTO: Razer

These new products definitely won't appeal to everybody, but for the Hello Kitty fans among us, the fanservice here is probably appreciated.

Plus, those who already like Razer's Quartz Pink colour might also enjoy having a wider range of pink products to choose from, if they don't mind the Hello Kitty imagery.

Availability and pricing

If you're interested in this Sanrio and Razer collaboration, you can find the new products through this page or on Razer's website here. For the Kraken BT that's currently out of stock on Razer's website, you can get it at Razer's Shopee store here.

It's worth noting, however, that the collaboration products do ask for a premium compared to their regular versions.

Additionally, aside from the Kraken BT, some products aren't ready to ship yet, with the Iskur X shipping on Feb 4th, and the DeathAdder Essential + Goliathus bundle "coming soon", according to Razer's website.

Nevertheless, here are the prices:

Hello Kitty and Friends Edition products

Iskur X $749.90
Lumbar Cushion $99.90
Kraken BT $199.90
DeathAdder Essential + Goliathus bundle $99.90

This article was first published in Hardware Zone.