Ask Jay: I cheated on my boyfriend. How do I save the relationship?

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Got a relationship problem? Jason Godfrey, our resident columnist and man about town, is here to help.

Q: I cheated on my boyfriend of four years. It was a huge mistake on my part and I want to work it out with him - how do I tell him that I'm sorry?

By begging. Grovelling. Excessive kissing of his butt.

There's really no way to say you're sorry for cheating except just saying you're sorry for cheating, and then going about trying to rebuild that trust.

Tell him you're sorry, that you were being selfish, and that you're never going to do it again. Then, start the slow process of showing him that you're going to be the best partner ever.

It's a long road, but there's no quick fix. Good luck.

Q: A great guy friend of mine has been single for quite a while now, and it's getting to him. What are some helpful things to say to make him genuinely feel better about himself?

You could always have a friendly hook up with him just to boost his confidence.

I'm kidding, that's a terrible idea. Don't do that.

At this point, if your friend is feeling low, anything you say is probably going to be interpreted as you just trying to make him feel better. Maybe a better way is to get him out with you and some of your single friends.

Don't make a thing out of it, just put them together and see if anything happens. It's the same strategy zookeepers use to get pandas to mate!

Hey, it works for the pandas… sometimes. It's worth a shot.

How do guys feel about being a house husband?

The old-school narrative says that men are the breadwinners and women stay at home.

This has changed with the times - with women joining the workforce and couples sharing the housework.

Also, some couples have completely reversed the traditional gender roles, with the guy staying at home and the woman going out to work.

Women are often curious:

How do guys really feel about the prospect of staying home and having a woman take care of them?

It feels great! Call me progressive, or call me lazy (it's probably a bit of both), but I have zero problems letting my wife go out and do all the work.


Sure, that means that I'm at home raising our son, vacuuming the floors and doing the laundry, but you know what's less stressful than figuring out how to make a living?

Vacuuming the floors and doing the laundry. Handing off that obligation is completely fine for me.

That said, being the sole breadwinner is a lot of pressure on one person, so most likely, the best solution is a happy medium where we both work and share the household chores.

But I'll say it again, if my wife has no qualms doing all the breadwinning, I'm more than ready to stay home and make sure the floors are well vacuumed. 

This article was first published in Her World Online.

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