7 cool things to do at Jewel Changi Airport


Travelling overseas may be out of the question, but there are a lot more reasons why you should still visit Jewel at Changi Airport. Ever since its inception in 2019, Jewel has garnered the likes of many for good reason.

There’s an abundance of food, shopping, and lifestyle activities for you to choose from — you can easily plan a fun-filled weekend there without running out of things to do.

Now if you need more reason to travel to the East, we’ve got just the thing. Ahead, we’ve rounded up some of the coolest things that you can do the next time you visit Jewel.

Try out new cuisines


You will never go hungry at Jewel. Adding on to its extensive lineup of F&B options, Jewel has recently included nine new F&B establishments offering a variety of cuisines from Chinese, Japanese, Western and Halal options.

Some of these restaurants include Tai Er, a famous Suan Cai Yu restaurant specialising in sauerkraut fish; Mamma Mia!, that’s known for its exquisite Italian fare; Monster Planet and Poulet Bijou, famed for their Japanese curry and French Roast chicken respectively; Tsui Wah, a restaurant that serves mouthwatering Cantonese delights; NY Verden Bar & Grill, offering modern European dishes with the freshest air-flown ingredients cooked with wood-fire; as well as other F&B franchises like Aburi-En, SF Fruits and Yole, that will be located at Jewel’s Basement Two.

Shop till you drop


With over 160 stores for you to choose from, you’ll definitely find what you need over at Jewel. Housing some of the biggest brands from fashion, lifestyle and beauty, there’s a wide array of stores in Jewel you to splash on.

Some of these brands include Apple, Nike, Adidas, as well as local brands like Klosh and Durasport.

On top of that, Jewel also has brands like Oysho which has its first-ever physical store in Singapore, offering lingerie, beachwear, loungewear and sportswear that’s both stylish and comfortable.

But that’s not all. In fact, Jewel recently added two new stores into the mix. The first is Sift & Pick a homegrown e-commerce brand that carries all-occasion bags from Korean fashion brands like MARHEN.J.

The second store that has opened its doors in Jewel is Turtle. At this fashion and lifestyle store, you’ll find a wide range of fashionable jewellery accessories, home decoration pieces, phone accessories, toys, quirky souvenirs and gift items.

Take Instagram-worthy photos


Looking to update the ‘Gram? Jewel has a ton of photo-worthy spots for you to take pictures at. For starters, consider taking a picture at the Shiseido Forest Valley that houses the world’s tallest indoor waterfall.


Otherwise known as one of Jewel’s most iconic displays, the indoor waterfall is a photo hotspot for many tourists and locals alike.

Alternatively, you can also roam around the Jewel Canopy Park to get some quality shots against its beautiful luscious foliage that spans over 14,000 sqm.

Over at the Canopy Park, you’ll also find the Source Pool that’s been said to be specially designed to create an illusion of infinity.

Eponymous to its name, the pool is also a source for the Cataracts Falls that are also located at the Shiseido Forest Valley over at Level One.

Host your own wedding


Getting hitched? Why not hold your celebrations over at Jewel Changi Airport? Yes, you read that right. Changi Airport has opened up four stunning weddings for wedding couples, from the expansive Cloud9 Piazza to the newly opened glasshouse cafe that is Hub & Spoke.

Cloud9 Piazza

Located at Jewel’s topmost level and set before the Vortex as well as the canopy bridge, this large space offers a picturesque view as your backdrop for your wedding.

The airport has also partnered up with five-star hotels and catering partners to deliver a sumptuous six-course Chinese dinner to a four-course Western menu.

On top of that, you can also expect Jewel-themed wedding favours as well as additional complementary add-ons for you and your guests.

Valley View Private Suite

Prefer a ceremony that’s a little more intimate? Look over to the Valley View Private Suite located on Level Four of Jewel. Offering a glorious panoramic view of the Shiseido Forest Valley, this space is perfect if you’re opting for a small scale wedding venue for your big day.

Canopy Park

This outdoor alfresco space is the place to be if you want to be surrounded by the lush greenery on your big day. Featuring a three-metre-high flower arch located near the Topiary Walk, this place is perfect if you want something a little more private.

Hub & Spoke

Can’t decide if you’d like to have your wedding indoors or outdoors? You can now have the best of both worlds over at Hub & Spoke.

The new glasshouse cafe opened its doors recently last year and is located at Changi Airport Connector (near Terminal Two). What we love most about this particular cafe is that you can also bring along your furkids to be part of your celebration at this pet-friendly cafe.

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Explore the different attractions


Whether you’re bringing the kids out to play, or you’re reliving the inner child in you, Jewel Changi Airport is where the fun is at.

Over at the rooftop, you’ll find different attractions like the Manulife Sky Nets, Mirror Maze, hedge Maze, Discovery Slides and Foggy Bowls  — all of which you can redeem your Singapore ReDiscover vouchers with for your tickets.

Alternatively, you can also go on a journey of fun and discovery through the virtual world of Changi Airport over at the Changi Experience Studio located at Level Four, where you can play with over 20 different touchpoints while learning more about the history and development of Changi.

You can also check out the digital attraction that lets you discover the magical surprises with state-of-the-art technology that features a ton of interactive games for the whole family to try.

Indulge in your favourite tipples


Jewel is bustling with activity all day and night long. Once you’re done shopping, consider treating yourself to some drinks over at some of those well-renowned bars.

Think — Honey Flower Cocktail with Rojak Gin from Tanuki Raw, Burger & Lobster’s Nespresso Martini, and Herit8ge’s Ging Gao Cheng Teng, just to name a few.

Catch the latest movies


Booking seats at the cinemas in town may seem like an impossible feat especially when a highly anticipated movie is released.

But you won’t have to worry about that when you’re at Jewel. Located in Basement Two, you can finally watch all your favourite movies at Shaw Theatres.

Unlike the other theatres in Singapore, you can expect fresh new offerings like Singapore’s first-ever IMAX next-generation hall featuring IMAX with Laser, a dedicated family hall called Dreamers, DTS:X sound capable halls, as well as a new exclusive premium movie-going option at Lumiere.

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