4 affordable activewear brands in Singapore that can rival Lululemon

4 affordable activewear brands in Singapore that can rival Lululemon
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Looking to upgrade your activewear wardrobe? While you probably know all about Canadian brand Lululemon thanks to their premium athletic apparel, their $100+ price tags may not be as alluring.

Whether you want to support local businesses, expand your activewear horizons, or simply save money on a pair of yoga pants, you'll be happy to know that Singapore is full of quality-assured brands.

Read ahead to discover affordable athleisure outlets near you, so you can focus on staying active instead of where your last paycheck ran off to.

Average cost of top activewear brands in Singapore

Budget friendly activewear: Gym Wear Movement


If you're looking for affordable activewear, then Gym Wear Movement should be your first stop. Their joggers, leggings and pants are priced at an average $53, which is about 20 per cent lower than the average activewear brand in Singapore.

Between their 15 legging styles, 51 sports bras and wide range of color options, Gym Wear Movement rivals Lululemon's vast activewear collection, and makes customising your pilates or yoga look that much easier.

And when it comes to saving money, you can feel confident knowing you're paying 45 per cent less than Lululemon on a quality sports bra.

Best activewear deal or discount: K.BLU


Among the local brands we reviewed, K.BLU is at the top of the cost list because of its high average price of $108 for a pair of leggings. However, you may notice that its sports bra pricing of $15 tells a different story.

The fashionable swimwear brand's current discounts are marking off an average 87 per cent from its sports bra collection.

With this deal, you can expect the retail price for a single workout outfit (a pair of leggings + a top) to cost $123, which is only $10 more than the average local brand's outfit ($113), as well as 47 per cent less than the average Lululemon outfit ($232).

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Local athleisure with Lululemon prices: YeoMama Batik


If you're okay with paying Lululemon prices but still want to support local businesses, check out YeoMama Batik.

For a leggings and top combo, you will be charged an average price of $156, which is the most expensive ensemble on the list and yet still 33 per cent cheaper than a Lululemon. YeoMama Batik's collection takes the activewear style a step further with its unique patterns and artistic design.

Additionally, Batik activewear doubles as swimwear, with its 27 per cent Spandex and 73 per cent polyester make up.

So while you may be paying 38 per cent more for workout gear than the average activewear brand in Singapore, Batik's versatility in both material and design makes the brand a good choice to consider for any and all activewear needs.

Inclusive activewear for Muslim women: GLOWco


GLOWco stands out on the list for its selection of modest activewear that is specifically designed for Muslim women. In addition to this unique take on inclusive athleisure clothing, GLOWco's prices are also the cheapest among the brands that we reviewed.

A pair of leggings costs an average of $46, which is 30 per cent less than the average Singaporean activewear brand. Similarly, the company's long sleeved tops are priced at an average $48, which is only $1 off the activewear average benchmark.

If you want to work out but also prefer to cover up, GLOWco is a good place to start your activewear search. Make sure to check out their GlowGetter Club, as well, as it can save you $5 off of exclusive items.

Stay active, save money

Even if you like to indulge in luxury brands and stylish activewear, there are plenty of companies in Singapore that combine fashion and practicality to meet your tastes


Top activewear companies like Yumi Active, Trybe Active and Fitta Active offer money-saving opportunities like free shipping to local addresses.

On the other hand, you can save money with athleisure brands like Kydra by signing up for their rewards program, which grants you access to exclusive discounts.

By using a great shopping credit card, you can earn points or cashback at certain brands, as well. So, before you rush to Lululemon's online store for your next activewear haul, check out these local brands.

You may end up saving a couple hundred dollars, which can instead go towards your next pilates or zumba class.

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