15 pull-ups for free Korean BBQ? NSF manages to hit 33 at Sengkang eatery

15 pull-ups for free Korean BBQ? NSF manages to hit 33 at Sengkang eatery
PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/Yugheii

There's no such thing as a free lunch and Ong Yu Jun knew that when he climbed onto the pull-up bar at Michin Korean BBQ and Hotpot.

This Sengkang eatery offers a unique experience to customers looking to try their luck at snagging a free meal — complete 15 pull-ups for a free buffet for one. 

It's no mean feat, but a TikTok clip of the national serviceman making light work of the pull-ups had netizens amazed, going viral with over 424,000 views.

In the video, which was posted last Friday (Jan 12), Yu Jun did not wince as he sped through the first 15 repetitions in about 15 seconds. His free meal was settled but he did not stop there. 

@yugheii Back for round 2 with a few no-count reps? @michinbbqnhotpot #pullups ♬ Epic Music(842228) - Pavel

With his friends and the eatery's staff cheering him on, the national serviceman managed to record a mind-blowing 33 pull-ups.

In the comments section, netizens expressed amazement at what they witnessed, with some comparing his numbers on the pull-up bar to their own.

A couple of others didn't seem to be focused on his pull-ups and had their eyes fixed elsewhere throughout the video.

It turns out that Yu Jun has been training in calisthenics for over six years, so pull-ups are a piece of cake for him.

In another video chronicling his fitness journey, he shared that he had been skinny his whole life, but is now capable of performing a host of gravity-defying moves.

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