$133 quilted shoulder bag sells out after Blackpink's Jennie posts it on Instagram — here's where you can get dupes

PHOTO: Instagram/jennierubyjane, Screengrab/COS

Apart from being a vocalist and rapper from South Korean girl group Blackpink, Jennie Kim is undoubtedly one of the most popular style icons out there.

In fact, her influence is known to be so strong that many a time, products she uses are quickly snapped up, with fans dubbing this the 'Jennie Effect'. 

And it seems like the fashionista is back at it again because a bag that she brought with her on a trip to Paris has been wiped off the shelves. 

The bag in question is this Quilted Oversized Shoulder Bag in off-white from European fashion brand COS. It retails for US$99 (S$133) and is an online-exclusive. 

Unsurprisingly, after fans saw Jennie flaunting this bag in a recent Instagram post, it was sold out quickly and is still marked as out of stock on the fashion label's website

If you, too, would like get your hands on this highly-coveted bag but can't wait for COS to restock it, here are places where you can get similar versions at a fraction of the price. 

Shein ($12.75) 

Fast fashion brand Shein has their own version of the bag for just $12.75. The Shein version looks similar enough to Jennie's bag, but the quilted patches are a tad larger than the ones on hers. 

Apart from beige, it also comes in five other colours — black, green, khaki, dark grey and coffee brown. 

You can order it here


E-commerce giant Shopee has a vendor selling a pretty similar dupe too. 

Apart from being available in two colours — black and beige — the bag is also available in two different sizes. The small size retails for $12.97, while the large is going for $16.47.

You can order it here


Taobao is another e-commerce giant that carries a dupe of the bag. 

This 189 yuan (S$40) bag is available in black and beige. 

You can order it here


If you like the look of the bag but prefer it in a different colour, you're in luck. Glamourous, a brand carried on Asos, has a near-identical version of Jennie's bag. However, at $48.99, this is the most expensive dupe on our list and it also only comes in black. 

You can order it here


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