Why Shaun Chen is showing his bad dancing on TikTok

PHOTO: TikTok/Shaunchenhongyu

If you follow actor Shaun Chen on social media, you'd realise he's been posting videos of himself dancing on TikTok lately.

Let's just say he won't be snagging dance awards anytime soon. So, why is he sharing his bad dancing on TikTok?

The 43-year-old is relatively new to TikTok and on Thursday (Jan 6), he told 8days: "In our industry, you have to 'upgrade' yourself every once in a while because social media is all the hype now.

"There's TikTok, Douyin, and RED, these are all things that you have to update. Posting occasionally, and playing around, letting people see and making some noise. I think it's quite gratifying."

He openly admitted that he doesn't dance very well and had to "learn and practise more because there wasn't much time to rehearse [for the show]".

Shaun's involvement in the Mediacorp drama, Leave No Soul Behind, is how he got bitten by the dance bug.

In the show, he plays a has-been idol who dies and haunts Felicia Chin's character.

Co-star Rayson Tan, 56, plays a dance fanatic, and alongside Brandon Wong and Chantalle Ng, the quartet has some rather 'interesting' dance moves.

It might look old-fashioned but that's the point.

Shaun's character is, after all, a bit of an "old idol" who thinks he's a good dancer. He previously explained on meWATCH's #justswipelah that the point is to show an "outdated 90s, 80s dance that identifies him as an uncle".


The Malaysian actor also mentioned that his TikTok videos are "a small teaser for everyone to see how bad my dancing skills are". 

A specific scene from the show proved to be "a real challenge" as Shaun had to dance and sing at the same time.

"I had someone teach me the dance steps, and then I recorded the lesson down and practised by myself at home for about two months," he told 8days.

Talk about a unique work-from-home experience.

He shared that his two young daughters, aged four and six, simply laugh whenever they see him dancing.

We know that kids can be harsh with their feedback, so we'll just leave it to you to judge for yourself.

@shaunchenhongyu i tried my best but really need to learn and practise dancing??? just for fun!! #fyp #tiktok #tiktoksg #dance ♬ Bombastic - ?2?_?????✅
@shaunchenhongyu today is hot day!!? no Monday blue let's dance ? #tiktoksg #tiktok #fyp ♬ Hot N Cold - Katy Perry

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