Wang Leehom saga: Vivian Hsu releases statement addressing 'friends with benefits' rumours with the singer

From left: Christine Fan, Blackie Chen, Vivian Hsu, Wang Leehom and Eric Chen during a meal to celebrate end of Leehom's quarantine.
PHOTO: Facebook/Vivian Hsu

With the flurry of allegations surrounding the divorce between singer Wang Leehom and wife Li Jinglei, a couple of people have been drawn into the eye of the storm.

Taiwanese singer-actress Vivian Hsu, 46, is one of those who netizens have linked to Leehom because of certain clues that Jinglei dropped in her expose.

In her nine-page expose, Jinglei said her ex-husband once had a "friends-with-benefits" relationship with a now-married woman. According to Jinglei, the latter also requested that Leehom lie to her husband about their history.

Though Jinglei expressed that she was uncomfortable with the pair's history, the woman was still invited to their home.

Jinglei also wrote that Leehom "rushed to meet her at her home, knowing it's against the regulations".

Back in September, Leehom breached Covid-19 restrictions when he attended Vivian's house gathering in Taiwan with singer Christine Fan, her husband (and television host) Blackie Chen and music producer Eric Chen.

Though Leehom had served his quarantine, under the health rules, he was still required to monitor his health for another seven days.

This meant that he should avoid public places and wear a face mask when he's out. He was also not allowed to attend gatherings and large-scale events.


Vivian clarified the allegations and internet chatter in a statement on Saturday (Dec 18) to "put a stop to unnecessary thoughts".

She posted a statement on Instagram which read: "This year, Wang Leehom participated in two gatherings at my place. One time, it was a quick gathering with friends over pao fan.

"Another time, it was after dinner (my husband was in Taiwan and we hosted friends at home). Both were shared on social media.

"Whenever we met, it's with our group of good friends, and never a private meetup. I live with my family, so the house is always busy and noisy, there's no need to guess."

Vivian added: "Wang Leehom's marriage issues have affected me greatly, I have not done anything to disrespect my husband.


"I'm speaking out because I have people I've to defend — my family, my kids, my friends, my colleagues and company, they have been stressed and hurt because of this. I hope it will put an end to rumours and lessen the harm.

"And I hope Leehom can address the situation as soon as possible, and not let these private matters affect the friends around you."

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