Tavia Yeung and Him Law change their Chinese names 'for the betterment of the family'


It didn't seem that long ago when Hong Kong celebrities Him Law and Tavia Yeung introduced their little girl Hera to the world. In the blink of an eye, she's now more than six months old!

But in terms of major life changes, the couple aren't stopping there.

In an Instagram post last night (Oct 26), Him wrote that he had another important announcement to share with everyone.

"In the blink of an eye, (Hera) is already half a year old. In this past year, we've experienced tons of changes. For the betterment of the family, we've decided to make this decision. On this day in the year 2020, we'd like to tell everyone…

"We've changed our names!"

Him, whose Chinese name was previously Law Chung-him, is now Law Chi-yik. Meanwhile Tavia is now Yeung Sin-yiu, instead of Yeung Yi.

"It's ok if you're not used to it," he added in his hashtags. "Slowly remember and slowly change."

While many of their friends and fans left supportive messages in the comments, immediately switching to use their new names, others commented that the names aren't as memorable and pleasant-sounding to the ear.


Some fans also mentioned that it was rather difficult to dissociate Tavia with her previous name, considering how she literally made her name as Yeung Yi for the past 20 years.


But as they say, a rose by any other name smells just as sweet.