Showbiz veteran Jenny Tseng slams Li Jinglei for going too far in public divorce spat with Wang Leehom

PHOTO: Screengrab from YouTube, Weibo/Lee Jinglei

Li Jinglei may have called for a truce on her and ex-husband Wang Leehom's very public spat over their divorce, but it seems the brouhaha has yet to die down.

The 35-year-old's explosive posts after their divorce announcement on Dec 16 have not only tarnished Leehom's squeaky clean image but also caused collateral damage, with celebrities such as By2's Yumi and Vivian Hsu getting dragged through the mud.

Jinglei's incisive posts and rebuttals to Wang Leehom have even earned her the nickname "Thunder God". 

Despite popular opinion that Jinglei is the "victor" in their online battle of words, at least one other party (besides the Wang family, of course) thinks she may have gone too far.

The latest to chime in on the saga is showbiz veteran, Jenny Tseng. According to Taiwanese media on Dec 22, the Hong Kong singer had written in an online post that she now understands the meaning behind the phrase "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned", and "if she is second, no one can be the first", referencing Jinglei's extensive posts calling for Leehom's apology on social media.

Describing how the media has been inundated with stories surrounding the couple's divorce in recent weeks, Jenny lamented: "The pandemic has made everyone miserable, can we have some festive spirit, please?"


"There's no basic human decency, where have all the years of study gone to?" which appeared to reference Jinglei's Ivy League college education from Princeton and Columbia universities in the US.

"Do you know how to write the word, 'stop'? Highly educated? It's laughable," said Jenny.

"It's deplorable to trample on the compassion of others. I believe there'll be retribution in the end," she added.

Rounding off her rant, Jenny stated: "If you resent the world, go to another planet. It's tough enough here."

According to media reports, her opinion has found support from some camps, with netizens commenting that there "should be a limit".

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