She's one of the top female celebs in Singapore, but Rebecca Lim says she doesn't need to be called Ah Jie

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In the 10 years that Rebecca Lim has been a full-time artiste in Singapore — 14 if you include her years as a part-timer — the bilingual star has won Best Actress honours at the Asian Television Awards, Seoul International Drama Awards, and of course in the local Star Awards.

The 34-year-old has also endorsed numerous brands, ranging from beauty products and jewellery to cars and insurance.

With her professional credentials, success, and popularity, is it time to start calling her Rebecca-jie as a term of respect for experienced, recognised and respected female celebrities?

"I think I will forever be (just) Rebecca," she told AsiaOne in a recent phone interview at the sidelines of a virtual press conference to promote her upcoming Chinese drama A Jungle Survivor.

"I don't think it's a time for anything, or that I expect anything in return," she added.

Rebecca said she doesn't hanker for such labels in general and would rather focus on being a better version of herself.

"(I want) to be even better and continually improve myself, because it's very easy to maintain the status quo and rest on your laurels with everyone telling you good things. It's very difficult to remind yourself, that hey, you still have a lot to improve on, you have to be better to go higher," the self-proclaimed perfectionist added.

While she's "extremely grateful" for the opportunities that she's been given — including lead roles in local dramas, travelling overseas for productions and events, and attending glamorous fashion galas — one thing she gives herself credit for is her work ethics.

Rebecca explained: "I've never complained no matter how tired I am because I understand that even though I'm physically tired, I have the responsibility and the honour to be the lead character, which not many people have the chance to.


"I'm extremely respectful of everyone on set and I treat everyone equally. I don't treat you differently because you are of a higher rank than me...

"To get to where I am, I've never stepped on anyone's toes, done anything that I would feel guilty about, or feared [something] getting leaked one day. Never like that. It's always hard work."

She added: "While some might say that's basic work ethics, it's not apparent in everyone."


In her latest drama A Jungle Survivor, Rebecca plays Ruoqi, a housewife whose simple life is shattered when she realises her husband Yongxi (Pierre Png) is carrying on an affair with his subordinate Olivia (Felicia Chin).

To salvage her marriage, Ruoqi returns to the corporate world and takes up a job in the same company as the adulterous couple, and meets a myriad of office politics, schemes, and characters.

The 20-episode drama — which also stars Xiang Yun, Patricia Mok, Romeo Tan, Guo Liang, and Chen Shucheng — will be available on demand for free on meWATCH from Nov 9, and on Channel 8 every weekday from Nov 11 at 9pm.

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