Sharon Au slept on her friend's sofa for 6 months while jobless in Paris

PHOTO: Instagram/Sharon Au

We all need best friends that we can rely on. After all, they are the ones whom you can trust and fall back on in times of difficulty.

For Sharon Au, who resigned from Mediacorp in 2018 before securing a new job, it gave her a temporary place to stay.

In an interview with AsiaOne on Monday (Nov 22) for her upcoming meWATCH series Money Money Home, the 46-year-old recounted how she crashed at her friend's place while job hunting in Paris.

Sharon said: "When I was job hunting, I didn't even want to spend on rent. So, I slept on her couch for six months.

"The important lesson here is please make very good friends in your university days, because you will need them."

Strapped for cash, she also shared that her early days in Paris were not as glamorous as one might think.

She said: "When people think of Paris, they think about Michelin [Star restaurants]. No, no, no. I eat very normal food so that I can stretch my cash as long as possible."

In an episode of the meWATCH talkshow Hear U Out, Sharon told host Quan Yi Fong that she even thought of being a waitress at the Italian restaurant, before meeting a former Mediacorp chairman who recommended her for a job. 

Sharon is now working as investment director at a private equity firm in Paris.

"Life is all about connections. You must grab on to the connections you make and it helps to have a benefactor," she said at that time.

Money Money Home premiered Nov 18 and new episodes are released every Thursday; catch it for free on meWATCH.

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