Rapper Ozi's sex clip with ex-girlfriend leaked


Leaked sex tapes are never good news and unfortunately, Taiwanese-American rapper Ozi — who also happens to be veteran singer Irene Yeh's son — had to experience such a scandal firsthand. 

According to media reports, a steamy 48-second video of a couple having sex in a bathroom has been circulating around the internet.

The clip was filmed by the woman and the pair had performed the act in front of a mirror. 

Netizens suspected the man in the clip to be 24-year-old Ozi and his agent later confirmed it. 

His agent said the woman in the video is Ozi's ex-girlfriend and the two are currently not in a relationship, adding that the video was filmed a few years ago. 

One hint that gives this away is Ozi's appearance in the clip. While he is now covered in tattoos, the man in the video does not have any, suggesting that the clip was filmed four to five years ago. 

The agent said the news has affected Ozi's mood at work, adding: "The girl is not from showbiz, and I am more worried about her because her face can be seen clearly."

It is not known who leaked the clip and the case has been reported to the police and is currently under investigation. The police cannot confirm whether Ozi made the report. 

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