'Powerless and helpless': Lee Teng opens up for first time after wife's miscarriage - zyz


Local TV host Lee Teng has spoken for the first time since his sombre Instagram post in July that his wife Gina Lin had miscarried

In a recent interview with Lianhe Wanbao, the 37-year-old confessed the difficult period was made worse because he could not immediately rush to his wife's side.

At the time, he was in Singapore while she was in Taiwan. Although he wanted to fly over to accompany her, he had unfinished work here and the coronavirus situation also delayed the process.

He had to apply for a permit and undergo a Covid-19 test before boarding the plane. It was a week before the Taiwan-born host arrived in Taipei. 

Upon arrival, he also had to complete a 14-day quarantine at his wife's home. Even though they were in the same house, the couple was separated by walls. 

After serving his quarantine period, Lee Teng said he rushed out of the room at midnight to give his wife a hug. "That was a tough period for me, I felt powerless and helpless," he recounted.

Lee Teng had announced his engagement to Lin in March this year, and then news of the pregnancy two months later.

Lin, who was also born in Taiwan, flew back in July to prepare for birth, but unfortunately miscarried. She broke her silence in August, saying that she wanted to destroy herself and blamed herself for the incident.


Lee Teng said he had initially wanted to be strong in front of his wife, but later realised that he should not suppress his emotions. He had an intimate chat with Lin on how they felt losing their child and copious tears were shed in the process.


While accompanying and comforting his wife, Lee Teng learned how to deal with the trauma by reading books and articles. "My wife also hopes that she won't break down again recalling this experience in the future," he said.

"But it is inevitable for the sad memories to be triggered, especially when you are in deep thought," he admitted. "Like how my wife looked at the stars a few days ago and saw one which was especially bright. She wondered if that was our child and felt hurt."

Thankfully, the couple has since calmed down.

Lee Teng added: "I think it's important to adjust your mood, otherwise it will be bad for yourself and the audience as well. The earlier break [from the public eye] is necessary, now it's a new start."