No, radio DJ Yasminne Cheng isn't giving $6,000 to a man who can 'make her house happy' on the bed

PHOTO: Instagram/ yasminnecheng

It's not new that photos of local celebrities have been used illegally in catfishing ads and social media impersonation accounts.

While a lot of them appear to involve financial scams, poor Yasminne Cheng found herself embroiled in something risque.

On April 3, the 42-year-old radio DJ at Class 95FM tagged a private shopping group in an angry Facebook post, telling them to take down a post — uploaded by one of the group's members — which had used a photo of her.

"Take it down now. That is my picture and I have no children," she wrote.

She included a photo of the post, which carried a caption in badly-written Chinese saying: "I'm a single mother, I'm a bored stay-at-home mother. I want to meet a man today. I will provide S$6,000 cash to make my house happy on the bed. I live alone. WhatsApp me (phone number)."


Yasminne told 8days in an interview: "It's super irritating! I'm always a single mum who's lonely and horny, and it's like, 'What!?'"

She added this is the second incident that she knows of, and her Facebook supporters usually alert her when they see her photos being used by scammers.

Fortunately, the administrators in charge of the private Facebook shopping group contacted Yasminne soon after her post to inform her that they have taken down the offending post.

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