Nick Cannon struggles with body image issues in the bedroom

Screengrab/Youtube/ Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon struggles with body image issues in the bedroom.

The Masked Singer host revealed he has worried about being "skinny" for as long as he can remember so he "hides under the covers" when he's getting "intimate" with a woman with him while leading a panel on his eponymous talk show.

Speaking on The Nick Cannon Show with Marriage Boot Camp therapist Dr Ish Major, the 41-year-old rapper asked: "Are there any insecurities when it comes to the bedroom? I will tell you off top… I definitely have an insecurity when it comes to being intimate.

"I've been skinny my whole life therefore I have never liked to be completely naked, I hide under the covers. As much as I boast about being in shape."

The former America's Got Talent host — who had four children in a year — vowed to step back in 2022 after getting the tip from his therapist.

In October 2021, Nick revealed: "I'm celibate right now… I'm going to see if I can make it to 2022."

He added: "I come from a big family, I have several siblings, being raised in an unorthodox family by my grandparents at times, I've experienced such a wide range of upbringing that I have such a love and passion for kids and family.


"I want a big family too. The Lord has blessed me with what I asked, but ask and you shall receive.

"But I'm not sitting out here planning it. My therapist says I should be celibate."

The former Wild'n Out host first became a father with his ex-wife Mariah Carey to ten-year-old fraternal twins Moroccan and Munroe. With Britney Bell, his ex-girlfriend, he had a son, four-year-old Golden, and 13-month-old daughter, Powerful Queen.

In June last year, Abby De La Rose gave birth to his second set of twins, Zion and Zillion.

That same month, his and Alyssa Scott's son Zen was born, but tragically died from brain cancer in December aged five months.