Netizens slam Suria actress Fatin Amira in hiatus announcement amid cheating scandal

Netizens slam Suria actress Fatin Amira in hiatus announcement amid cheating scandal
PHOTO: Instagram/Fatin Amira

She's taking time off from the television screens, but netizens still aren't done slamming Suria actress Fatin Amira.

Fatin, who also works as a property agent, was caught in an alleged cheating scandal with Sofian Roslan, husband of fellow actress Nurul Aini last week, and has been quiet since then.

Yesterday (Jan 22), Mediacorp announced that Fatin will be taking a two-week break from Suria's Manja episodes.

According to Berita Mediacorp, she had been one of the hosts on the show since May 2023.

Netizens took to the comments section of Berita Mediacorp's Facebook post to express their distaste and slam Fatin.

"Change the host to Nurul Aini. Let her understand how it feels to have her spot snatched from her," wrote one netizen.

"Best that you don't appear on TV screens. You're just stirring up anger. Later on, a lot of TV screens will break after being hit and smashed," said another.

Another harshly remarked: "Just remove her [from the show]. We don't need an actress like this, embarrassing Singaporean artistes. Did she forget that she's a home agent and not a homewrecker?"

The infidelity accusations came after a video allegedly showing Sofian and Fatin checking into a hotel together emerged on social media.


Fatin Amira & Sofian

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Sofian and Nurul have made their own separate posts addressing the scandal while Fatin and her husband Khairul Fadly have been silent.

Fatin and Sofian's Instagram accounts have also been set to private.

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