Single's Inferno's latest male contestant is half a K-pop star

PHOTO: Instagram/Cha Hyun-seung

Have a quick scroll through Netflix and it's clear that dating reality shows are all the rage – think Love Island, Too Hot to Handle and Indian Matchmaking.

But nothing takes the cake like Single's Inferno. The Korean series, currently number one on the Top 10 chart in Singapore, follows a group of attractive male and female contestants who try to find love while stranded on a remote island.

After completing various challenges, contestants who couple up with each other are rewarded with a stay in 'paradise', a nearby luxury hotel. 

Cha Hyun-seung, as well as two female contestants Kim Su-min and Seong Min-ji, only joined the show in the latest episodes but he is garnering plenty of attention recently.

Hyun-seung's eye-catching physique and dashing looks have gotten viewers completely fixated on him.

He is already relatively popular prior to joining the show and can even be considered half a K-pop star for all the attention he's getting as a back-up dancer to big K-pop names like Sunmi.  

On his personal Instagram account, which has over half a million followers, he's posing with the likes of Rain and boy band Stray Kids.

Not too shabby.  




Alright, now let's get to the juicy bits of Hyun-seung's introduction to Single's Inferno. In the first four episodes, it seems that contestants Kim Hyeon-joong and Song Ji-a are beginning to form a connection. 

However, the addition of hunky Hyun-seung — who's also a model — to the show is a game-changer. He is Ji-a's ideal type, according to an interview she did with the show's producers.

Adding more awkwardness to the situation is the fact that Hyeon-joong and Hyun-seung are buddies.

Friends falling head-over-heels for the same girl. High school never ends, it seems. Now the conundrum begins for Ji-a — who does she pick? 

Watch it all unravel this Saturday (Jan 8) as the final two episodes of Single's Inferno are released.

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