Lina Ng talks to her 3 sons about sex, but it's not what you think

Singaporean actress Lina Ng, 47, with her family.
PHOTO: Instagram/linang56

Talking to one's children about the birds and bees may be a struggle for some parents but not for Lina Ng. 

The 47-year-old actress, who plays one of the main characters in the Channel 5 drama series Lion Mums, said that she does not avoid talking to her three sons — aged 17, 15 and 10 — about sex.

"If my sons have sex education class in school that day, I will ask them about their thoughts. I tell them that they can always ask mum and dad if they're unsure about anything. Talking about sex isn't dirty, it's educational and based on science," she told Lianhe Wanbao on Dec 12. 

While Lina is open to talking about the topic, her sons aren't as receptive to the idea, she said. "I realised that they've stopped asking me questions ever since I addressed the topic... maybe they feel uncomfortable discussing sex with a woman." 

She's even sent her husband, the more conservative parent, to complete the "task" of sex education with their sons.

"He'll tell them, 'You can ask me if you're unsure about anything' but he won't elaborate. I feel that even if they don't ask, [parents] should still broach the topic with their children." 

So, what questions have her sons asked so far? 

Lina's eldest son once approached her to seek advice about a girl that he fancied.

"I can't stop my child from liking someone but I will remind him to avoid going out with her alone," she said, "Going out in groups prevents them from making mistakes if they get too carried away." 

As much as Lina and her husband are trying to educate their children, there will still be some things that are beyond their control.

One such example is when one of her son's classmates showed him pornographic images. 

"I told my son, 'I'm glad that you told mum about it. Looking at these things at your age is wrong as it might give you the wrong idea [about sex]." 

Her husband called her 'Auntie' in Lion Mums 

Now in its fourth season, Lion Mums tells the stories of three mothers trying to give their best to their children while also dealing with topics such as sex education and racial discrimination

Lina's husband makes a cameo in the eighth episode. He played a repairman, a role the production crew had allocated for one of the main characters' family members. 

Aside from poking fun at how nervous her husband was on set, Lina shared that he had to address her as "Auntie" for a scene, a moment that gave him a lot of satisfaction. 

"The minute he called me 'auntie', the entire crew was laughing. He also thought it was quite funny. But if he did this at home, we'd probably end up arguing. He can only do things like these on set," she quipped. 

Lion Mums airs on Channel 5 from Monday to Wednesday at 9.30 pm, and is also available on MeWatch

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