'Life is about being regretful all the time': Local singer Boon Hui Lu returns to acting after 17 years

'Life is about being regretful all the time': Local singer Boon Hui Lu returns to acting after 17 years
Boon Hui Lu at the lensing ceremony for Till the End.
PHOTO: Mediacorp

Most of us may hate leaving behind regrets, but some people embrace it as part of life.

Earlier this week, AsiaOne interviewed local singer-songwriter Boon Hui Lu, who is acting in her first drama in 17 years.

As the series is about death and the supernatural, we asked the former child actress for her views of life and death.

"I feel life is about being regretful all the time because in every moment of our lives, we are making decisions, regardless of how small or big they are," the 29-year-old replied.

"With every decision made, we have given up other possibilities and outcomes. So, we should be more forgiving towards our choices and commit to them."

Hui Lu's co-star Richie Koh has a similar accepting attitude.


"I feel like if it's my time [to die], I would just accept it… Ultimately, we are in this life to learn what we have not learnt before," the 29-year-old told AsiaOne in a separate interview.

When asked about what he would be afraid of leaving behind, he answered: "I am most concerned about leaving behind my loved ones."

Hui Lu acts as Lin Huiqi in Till the End, a Mediacorp drama currently in production. Huiqi encounters many setbacks because of her ability to see spirits and is reluctant to associate herself with anything related to them.

However, after the death of her mother, funeral home director Yang Kehua (Kym Ng), Huiqi has no choice but to take over the management of the business.

She is also entangled in a love triangle between Sun Haoming (Romeo Tan) and Peng You (Richie). Together with Kehua, Haoming and Peng You, they resolve lingering issues of the living and dead.

Hui Lu was a child actress and won the Young Talent award in Star Awards 2006 for her role in the Mediacorp drama Rhapsody in Blue.

Since 2016, she has been pursuing her music career in Taiwan and released her first album in 2019. She took home the Media's Recommended Female Songwriter of the Year award at the 2019 Global Chinese Golden Chart Awards.

'Sorry, thank you, I love you'

Towards the end of the drama, Huiqi learns that people should say "Sorry, thank you and I love you" to ourselves, life and others.

If she were to apply this to her own life, Hui Lu said she would say "sorry" to her siblings because they used to fight over petty things often when they were children, and she now wished they didn't.

She would say "thank you" to her parents for their unconditional love and provision, and "I love you" to her fiance for accepting and loving her on both good and bad days.

Since August 2021, Hui Lu has been engaged to Singaporean singer-producer Cheong Waii Hoong and their wedding will be held in October this year.

Hui Lu added: "My love life is predictable and not romantic… I prefer to keep things really straightforward because my brain cannot handle the complexity."

Till the End will stream on meWATCH and Channel 8 in October 2023.

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