Li Jinglei uploads 'evidence' of Wang Leehom buying social media likes

PHOTO: Instagram/Jl.leilei

The ongoing battle between Wang Leehom and his ex-wife Li Jinglei has forced the latter to release "evidence" of the Mandopop singer purchasing likes and followers on social media.

In an Instagram post today (Jan 13), Jinglei uploaded images of several payment request forms from the company Xidong Music, which she claims are "evidence of [Leehom's] long-term purchase of a troll army".

"Not only do you have no remorse for your wrongdoing, you also purchased online support about you buying gifts for the children in order to confuse the public and manipulate the media, diverting focus away," the 35-year-old said on her Instagram post, referring to her recent allegations against Leehom and his attempt to break into her house with three men.

Jinglei's uploaded information alleged that Leehom, 45, had on multiple occasions purchased online likes and comments on social media platforms such as Instagram and Weibo.

Jinglei implied that the image above shows his purchase of "40,000 likes and 400 comments" for his Instagram post about his vaccination in the US as well as "20,000 likes and 200 comments" for a post about a poem by Leehom's father.


The number of likes and comments for both Instagram posts are similar to the "target numbers". 

Recent media reports also said some netizens noticed a sudden influx of commenters supporting Leehom on an online forum and these commenters had IP addresses from Portugal, the US and Romania.

The representative and contact person for Xidong Music listed on a website is "Alexander Lee Hom Wang".

"Life is still very long," Jinglei said in a solemn closing on her Instagram post. "All I want is for you to be a normal ex-husband and father to your children, so that we can live a healthy life, both physically and mentally."


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