Kelvin Tan of Project Superstar fame reveals more details about new wife

PHOTO: Mode Entertainment

Visually-impaired singer Kelvin Tan became the first local celebrity to tie the knot in 2022 when he married occupational therapist Inez Hung on Jan 2.

Though he was previously reluctant to reveal more about the 29-year-old, he recently opened up on their relationship in an interview with Lianhe Zaobao.

Kelvin, who shot to fame as the winner of the inaugural singing competition Project Superstar in 2005, said they met through Hung's younger sister during goalball training. Hung, who has amblyopia or lazy eye, her sister Joan and Kelvin were all national goalball players.


The 40-year-old said he clicked well with Hung because they are both easy-going and didn't hide their flaws.

The couple began dating in 2016 and he proposed to her in October 2020.

"It was very simple, I bought a bouquet of flowers and a ring and proposed at my home."

He added laughingly: "I deliberately selected a date just a few days before my birthday. We celebrated the occasion and then I proposed. With my birthday as a 'booster', the chances of me getting rejected were lower."


Because of the current Covid-19 restrictions, they invited only 100 guests — mainly family members and close friends — to their wedding reception at the Parkroyal on Kitchener Road.

"I don't get emotional easily but I was nervous and a bit teary when I said my vows," Kelvin said.

For the time being, the newlyweds have no plans to travel overseas for their honeymoon and will instead go on a cruise next month.

They would also have to wait until the second half of 2023 to get the keys to their four-room BTO flat. Kelvin and Hung are currently living with their parents and they occasionally sleep over at each other's place.

A new beginning also awaits Kelvin professionally — he will be joining Lighthouse School to coach visually impaired students on using computers and mobile phones and also conversational Mandarin.

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