'I wasn't dreaming': Bryan Wong says late father spoke to him on 7th day and he cried himself to sleep

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The Chinese believe that on the seventh day after the death of a family member, their soul returns home for a visit.

And local actor-host Bryan Wong is very certain that his late father returned after a supernatural encounter. Speaking to fellow host Quan Yi Fong on the latest episode of Hear U Out, the 50-year-old said: "I remember we had laid out dishes in the kitchen. My mother, sister and I were in our own rooms. I couldn't sleep and it was almost 1am.

"I suddenly heard the sound of drawers opening. I was stunned. When I wanted to get up, I heard my father say in my ear, 'Jiang (Bryan), don't go to the kitchen. Otherwise, I'll have to leave.' Tears kept streaming down my face. I kept hearing the sound [of drawers opening]... for about 10 minutes.

"While lying in bed, I kept calling, 'Father'. I kept calling him as I cried. I know I wasn't dreaming because my pillow was soaked with tears. I forced myself to sleep and not go to the kitchen. I cried myself to sleep. I'm sure I was not dreaming. It was his voice. He was whispering in my ear."

The two shared a close bond and Bryan even learned how to cook from his father. He also previously shared that his father instructed him to take care of his mother and sister before dying from a heart attack.

That instruction became his main goal in life — to the point that he never even thought of pursuing his burgeoning acting career in China.

Both father and son were so close that Bryan is convinced his father's spirit is around him and appears to him during critical moments.

For example, when he was on the way to Star Search 2021, a car drove past their vehicle and its license plate number coincided with four digits of his father's IC number.

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He said: "I swear this happens. Whenever I have to make a decision or when I'm sad or happy, numbers related to him will flash before my eyes."

Bryan added: "He left when I was 26 years old but I've never felt lonesome. I feel his presence and support at different occasions."


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