'I cried my eyes out all night': Bryan Wong wanted to quit because he was voted the most disliked artiste in TCS

PHOTO: Screengrab from meWATCH

Local TV host Bryan Wong has become a household name and is well-liked by audiences.

However, the veteran artiste actually wanted to quit showbiz because he was voted the "most disliked artiste" when he started out as a host in the 1990s.

On the latest episode of meWATCH talk show Hear U Out, 50-year-old Bryan revealed to host Quan Yi Fong that though he was among the first batch of hosts for the popular variety show City Beat, he wasn't as famous as fellow hosts Pan Lingling, Chew Chor Meng and Shirley Ho.

He recounted: "I felt small whenever we were filming on location. Everyone knew the three of them wherever we went. That time, fans loved to ask for autographs. They'd approach Shirley, Chor Meng and Lingling. Then, they'd ask me to take photos for them."

When Bryan was a newbie, it also dawned on him that he was unlike Guo Liang and Yi Fong. They were hosts who presented themselves well, were well-spoken and didn't take digs at anyone, whereas he was blunt in his interactions with others.

"Many people disliked me," he said.

Bryan went on to share that the marketing communications division even spoke to him because a poll they conducted revealed that he was the "most disliked artiste in the whole of TCS (Television Corporation of Singapore)".

He added: "I was so hurt. I cried my eyes out all night."


That night, he took out his typewriter and typed out his letter of resignation to media industry veteran Man Shu Sum. Man rejected his resignation and advised Bryan to "let the audience get to know you and get used to you".

However, the status quo remained and he was voted as the most disliked artiste for three years.

When asked for his opinion on why the audience disliked him so much, Bryan replied: "I didn't follow the typical behaviour [of a host]. If a contestant didn't give me an answer or couldn't answer a simple question, I'd call him stupid."

Back then, he was hosting a game show on Channel 8 titled The Game Station.

A victory for Bryan came in the form of the 1998 Star Awards where hosts were allowed to compete and he scored his first Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes Award.

He said: "I was surprised that some people voted for me. I experienced a gamut of emotions."

On the situation that transpired, he shared that it was so awful that "you start doubting your abilities" and wonder if "you should continue in this line".

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But life had other plans and resigning wasn't an option anymore — Bryan tearfully shared that he lost his father to a heart attack.

Before he died, his father told him "Dad can't make it" and instructed him to take care of his mother and sister. That was the last Bryan saw of his father before the machine started beeping and the doctor ushered him out of the room.

He said: "Since then, I've had no right to tender my resignation again."


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