Gossip mill: Chen Hanwei got slapped for lifting classmate's skirt - and other entertainment news this week


Chen Hanwei got slapped for lifting classmate's skirt because he watched Doraemon

Local actor Chen Hanwei learned the hard way that being too curious is not always a good thing.

In the second part of his interview with Quan Yi Fong on the meWATCH talkshow Hear U Out, Hanwei confessed that he once lifted his classmate's skirt because of his curiosity, only to receive a slap in return.

The 51-year-old explained that when he was in primary school, a white bread-like object fell out from under a female teacher's skirt as she was walking by. When the same happened with another teacher, he wondered why things kept falling out.

"One day, curiosity got the better of me, so I lifted my classmate's skirt and she slapped me across the face," he said. "I only found out [the white bread-like objects] were sanitary pads after I told my mother."

It turned out that Hanwei was very into the Japanese anime Doraemon at that time, so he thought that skirts were similar to the cartoon character's 4D pocket, which was used to store many items.

This sad life experience is why Quan Yi Fong won't eat toast bread


Local host Quan Yi Fong refuses to eat toast bread not because she doesn't like it, but because she is traumatised by her past experience.

The Taiwan-born host shared in the latest episode of her talkshow Hear U Out that when she was at the lowest point in her life, she stole her roommate's bread.

"As I brought the bread to my mouth, my tears fell onto the bread because I kept crying and the bread was soaked," she recalled. "I was so hungry so I bit into it but the bread was just soggy."

That experience seems to have left a mental scar on the 46-year-old, who still does not dare to eat toast bread till today.

Jay Chou consoles heartbroken young fan, who happens to be Francis Ng's son


It's not surprising if Mandopop king Jay Chou doesn't see all his fan mail – after all, there must be thousands of them.

But when you're the son of famous Hong Kong actor Francis Ng, one can't help but hope for different treatment.

A huge fan of Jay, 12-year-old Feynman tried to contact his idol through Instagram to tell him how much he loves his music. He documented the entire process onto his Weibo account last week, with the caption "Will I succeed?"

What he got instead was an automated response saying: "@jaychou is unable to receive your message. He has disallowed strangers from sending him private messages." Heartbroken, Feynman then wrote: "I'm crying."


But his cries didn't go unnoticed.

After Jay caught wind of the reports regarding the entire saga, he wrote in his Instagram Story: "Feynman, don't be sad, I did see it, all the best!"

The boy was, of course, elated at Jay's response, and posted that he would go listen to more of Jay's music.


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