Fan gropes Jackson Wang's inner thigh at concert, sparks discussion on boundaries and respect

Fan gropes Jackson Wang's inner thigh at concert, sparks discussion on boundaries and respect
A fan groped Jackson Wang's inner thigh when he invited her onstage during his Sao Paulo concert.
PHOTO: Instagram/Jackson Wang, Screengrab/YouTube/Letícia Martucci

Imagine getting invited onstage by your favourite singer and being serenaded to a love song — what seems like a fanfiction fantasy to many of us is reality for a few lucky Jackson Wang fans.

One fan in Brazil, however, may have taken it too far.

On May 15, Jackson performed in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on the South American leg of his Magic Man World Tour, and invited a fan to sit next to him during his song I Love You 3000.

While the serenade is a staple during his concerts, a video of the performance uploaded onto YouTube by a concertgoer shows the fan getting a bit too close to Jackson during the song.

She gropes his inner thigh and tries to lift his leg onto her lap, and Jackson plays it off by laughing and lifting her legs onto his lap instead.

In other parts of the video, she can be seen trying to touch Jackson's hair, which he avoids by holding her hand instead. She also wraps herself around his torso, caresses his body and face, and tucks her face into his neck, which Jackson appears to invite by holding her face.

Some were impressed by the fan's antics in the video's comment section.

"I wouldn't even dare to look him in the eyes, but look at this!" one comment read.

Another read: "That girl has my respect."

Others were more critical of the fan.

A fan wrote: "She literally harassed him."

"He got rid of her quickly, haha," wrote another.


On Twitter, the video sparked a heated discussion about personal boundaries and respect towards idols and singers.

"Jackson looks so uncomfortable but wanted to stay professional during the whole song performance. I feel so bad for him," a fan tweeted.

"You can be excited but everyone has boundaries and there's a limit to how far you take interactions," tweeted another. "This isn't okay at all, have some common sense."

Another fan urged those invited on stage not to go "overboard with your actions".

"At least respect the man," they added.

Some netizens also took offence at those who enjoyed the performance and responded with positivity.

"The way he literally just got assaulted by some random a** lady and people are giggling and finding it hot," one tweet read.

"How can you be [laughing] in quote retweets about how this is 'energy' unless you're a gross a** harasser yourself," another read.

A fan even urged Jackson to reconsider this segment of his concert. Jackson next performs at Santiago, Chile, on May 22.

"This is weird af, stop letting fans be onstage for real," they tweeted.

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