Dennis Chew spent $60,000 on a BMW as a gift

PHOTO: YouTube/Entertaiment - Mediacorp

Despite not knowing how to drive, Love 972 DJ Dennis Chew decided to purchase a $60,000 used car in October 2020. 

In an interview with 8days, Dennis revealed on Monday (June 14) that he had purchased the used four-year-old BMW 1-series as a gift for a close family friend.

The 48-year-old recounted living with his nanny's family who he said treated him as their own. 

"I noticed her eldest son was a bit down after selling his car when he semi-retired, so I decided to surprise him with a car on his birthday," the radio DJ said. 


He told the magazine that he bought the hatchback because its license plate was related to his radio station and because it drove comfortably when he tested it as a passenger. 

After the purchase, Dennis said he decorated the car with the words 'Happy Birthday' and the family friend was "very happy and touched".

However, he does not intend to get a driver's license as the roads are safer without him, he said. 

"I'm not someone who can multi-task. When you talk to me, I will probably turn to look at you and unconsciously turn the steering wheel in the same direction," he added.


Previously, he bought 43 leaf cushions – that cost more than $40 each – as presents for his friends who are "crazy about plants". He said: "When I see things that my friends like, I will buy it for them, just like the leaf cushions in my house."

"Seeing people happy makes me happy. Life is short, and we need to spread joy," he said. 

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