Benedict Cumberbatch loved being in lockdown in New Zealand

PHOTO: Instagram/@benedictcumberbatch_221b

Benedict Cumberbatch "loved" being in lockdown.

The 45-year-old actor - who has children Christopher, six, Hal, four, and Finn, three, with wife Sophie Hunter - was filming Netflix Western drama The Power of the Dog in New Zealand when lockdown restrictions to stop the spread of Covid-19 were enforced and "loved" being able to spend time with his family while he learned new skills for the movie.

He said: "I loved [lockdown]. I was with my wife and children and my mum and dad had come over to have a three-week experience with us and see their boy riding a horse and steering some cattle. And then they stayed for five months! We were so lucky. Far away from home, but we found a new one."

The Sherlock star took on the role of volatile ranch owner Phil Burbank in The Power of the Dog - which is based on the 1967 novel by Thomas Savage - and chose not to interact with Kirsten Dunst on set, who played his alcoholic sister-in-law Rose.

Speaking about how he got into character in an interview with the American edition of OK!, he said: "He doesn't have anyone to share his love with. His love is dead and denied. The lack of trust and hating on the world is a toxic combination. Hopefully, in the end, we see he's not just an a**hole. He is, but there's a reason why.

"I'm sort of apologetic and a people pleaser. Phil is neither, so I had to breathe into it and not worry about what people thought. The minute he meets Rose, he savages her, gaslights her and throws these psychological tremors at her that push her to drink. So it was actually helpful for the both of us not to have much contact."

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