All the best looks from the Mnet Asia Music Awards 2021

PHOTO: Instagram/sunbin_eyesmag, Instagram/tiffanyyoungofficial

If you love K-dramas or K-Pop get ready for fashion heaven. The Mnet Asia Music Awards (known by fans as MAMA) is one of the most anticipated events in the K-entertainment industry.

Fans vote on their favourite stars, artists win, and stars get together in Seoul in Korea to enjoy the evening. The best part is we get to look at all the gorgeous fits celebrities wear on the red carpet.

K-music Stars such as Girls' Generation Choi Soo-young and Tiffany Young, along with veteran K-drama actresses such as Kim Seo-hyung graced cameras by putting their best outfits forward. From bold, red statement pieces to angelic white backless dresses, here are the best looks from MAMA 2021.

Choi Soo-young


Girls' Generation member Choi Soo-young wowed fans with an almost all-red ensemble. Paired with a black jacket decorated with golden zippers, she wore black rings (and nails!) to complete the look. The choice of open-heels elongates her long legs even further, and we can't find a flaw in her outfit. She's a girl boss and she's not afraid to show it.

Tiffany Young


Speaking of Girls' Generation, fans of SNSD were blessed with a small reunion between Soo-young and Tiffany. In an undeniably sexy black dress with see-through lace patterns, Tiffany wasn't afraid to show some skin (and why should she be?). The dress also flattered her waistline and cleavage. To us, the black dress paired with her stark black hair was nothing short of spectacular on the red carpet, and we are sure she knows it too.

Honey J


Fans of Street Woman Fighter would know of Honey J, the leader of the winning crew. The whole team of leaders walked the red carpet yesterday, but Honey J stole our attention in her white dress and bold accessories.

The dress may be white, but it was made infinitely more playful with a design to accentuate her waist and a backless cut. Large black and silver jewellery added a touch of personality to the outfit, taking her seemingly normal fit to the next level. And let's not forget the hair sticks in her bun that screamed elegance.

Lee Hyun-yi


Top model and actress Lee Hyun-yi taught us an important lesson when she took to the red carpet: simplicity can be key. In a simple and sleeveless white mermaid dress, she showed off her shoulders and back with confidence borne from her profession. With buttons starting from her tailbone down, the fit draws our eyes to her gorgeous bod. With only one bracelet to complete the look, it added just enough to the ensemble without taking away from the model herself.

Kim Seo-hyung


Kim Seo-hyung is the one actress who puts age-shaming to, well, shame. At 48 years old, she rocked a dazzling black dress with shoulder pads. The dress showcases her slender collarbone and shapely legs. On top of her dress, her accessories were also eye-catching. While not immensely bold, the red necklace and bracelets added a hint of sophistication to her look. And let's be real: you can never go wrong with red and black.

Lee Sun-bin


Actress Lee Sun-bin also took to the red carpet in a white dress. With a deep v-neckline that tastefully showcased her cleavage, the simple patterns on the top half of the dress showed us that less is sometimes more. She also donned on minimalistic jewellery that matched her gown. All these, coupled with the long sleeves that covered half her palms, gave her a look of unmatched feminine beauty.

Lee Hyo-ri


Last, but definitely not least, Lee Hyo-ri rocked the carpet in all blue. With an outstanding colour, the off-the-shoulder dress certainly made the artist stand out from all others. Not to mention that her tattoos were also on full display. For jewellery, her large (but not gaudy) gold accessories paired amazingly well with her one-coloured outfit. And let's not forget her white nails that really stood out in pictures against her dress.

This article was first published inĀ The Singapore Women's Weekly.

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