After Mdada's Germany livestream, Pornsak says Addy Lee is 'born to be an entrepreneur'

After Mdada's Germany livestream, Pornsak says Addy Lee is 'born to be an entrepreneur'
Part of the Mdada team who went to Germany to hold sales livestreams.
PHOTO: Instagram/addylee88

In a group of 20, the Mdada team travelled to Germany in October via the Vaccinated Travel Lane for sales livestreams and the experience left local TV host Pornsak in awe of Addy Lee's skills.

In a recent interview with Lianhe Zaobao, Pornsak, 39, expressed his excitement at getting to travel again after being in Singapore for more than a year.

He said: "When Addy said we were going to Germany, I thought he was joking, and it didn't sink in that I was going to fly until we were at the airport! I was happy, like I was reuniting with an old friend I haven't seen for a long time."

Mdada is a livestreaming sales platform started last September by celebrity hairstylist Addy, actress Michelle Chia, and Pornsak. According to a recent CNBC article, it now commands a weekly revenue of $500,000.

Apart from Pornsak, Addy, Michelle, and actor Shane Pow were also on the recent trip.

Despite livestreaming in a foreign land, everything went smoothly because of Addy, Pornsak shared.

He explained: "Addy departed four days earlier than us. He had already made the connections before we arrived, and arranged it all, so everything went very smoothly. I am really grateful to him.

"He only had one translator and later relied on his eloquence to settle everything. He is really born to be an entrepreneur!"


Over the course of 16 days, the eight livestreamers broke into groups for the sales livestreams and they sold different things from bags and jewellery to beauty products.

"We went to Galeries Lafayette in Berlin to do a live broadcast. We had already contacted the store beforehand, and they let us choose any product to sell," Pornsak added.

They also went to a flea market to do a live broadcast. At first, the stall owners were sceptical, but when they saw how good sales were, they all came forward to ask for help in promoting the goods. They sold around 10,000 items in 16 days.

While most of the team returned to Singapore on Nov 6, Addy and another livestreamer continued on to Italy.

Pornsak said: "Addy originally wanted to test the waters and find business opportunities, but they went to a boutique and started an impromptu live broadcast. They sold more than 1,000 items!"

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