WhatsApp rolls out a test feature for iOS users to listen to voice messages, even in different chats


In WhatsApp’s latest iOS beta test, users can try a new global voice message player for the messaging app.

The feature (which also started Android beta testing earlier) rolled out earlier today to beta testers on iOS’s version WhatsApp beta. According to WABetaInfo, the feature allows a WhatsApp user to listen to an ongoing voice message, even if the recipient moves away from the chat window.

The voice note wouldn’t be dismissed, but instead, its controls go to the top of the WhatsApp menu as the user continues navigating around their different chatgroups.

At its current stage of development, not all beta testers may get to try it, even with the latest beta version of WhatsApp. But, with the testing available on both iOS and Android versions of the service, we can (hopefully) see this handy feature in the live version sometime soon.

This article was first published in Hardware Zone.