What does your Spotify audio aura say about you? We guess our colleagues' fave music from their aura

PHOTO: Screengrab/Spotify

In case you haven't already seen it all over social media, this year's Spotify Wrapped is out.

We're all familiar with the annual affair, where the music streaming platform distils your listening habits into bite-sized, shareable insights. For example, I've listened to my favourite song 37 times — who knew?

But besides the usual top artists and tracks, there's something new this year — a colourful little rectangle that Spotify is calling your audio aura.

According to Spotify, the audio aura is an extension of your personal energy signature. But what exactly is a personal energy signature?

Well, on its website, Spotify explains: "Everyone has one, and aura readers see them as a combination of colours, each representative of the traits that make you, you."

Working together with author, podcast host and psychic medium Mystic Michaela, Spotify has assigned different colours to several mood descriptor categories.

Here are Spotify's descriptions of each category:

  • Purple: This aura colour pairs well with passionate music listeners. Purple auras tune in to get amped up, entertained, and moving while they navigate the twists and turns of their day.
  • Green: Calm, analytical, and introspective are the traits that describe a green aura. These listeners gravitate toward complex music to tame their fast-moving minds.
  • Pink: Often described as the hopeless romantics of the aura spectrum, pinks view the world with a sense of optimistic, childlike wonder.
  • Orange: Oranges are the rebellious and bold type. They share a need for high-energy, confidence-boosting sounds.
  • Yellow: Yellows like their music to align them to the goals of their day, fuelling their need for focus, motivation and self-improvement, all while reducing any nerves that could get in the way.
  • Blue: Blues are wistful or emotional, and this hue reflects listeners who seek out music to feel their feelings out loud.

To be honest, it still sounds a little vague to us. Is your audio aura really an accurate indicator of the type of music you listen to? Because we're kaypoh, we decided to pry into our colleagues' listening habits and see if we can guess their favourite music genres by reading their aura. 

Romantic vibes

What we think: They may look remarkably similar, but these auras actually belong to three different people: Amierul and Keith, who are journalists, and Astley, our social media guy. The pink and blue definitely scream romantic and wistful, so we think these three dudes might be into lots of acoustic ballads — think Taylor Swift and Boyce Avenue. 

Accurate or not: Welp, we're definitely not professional aura readers. Seems like pop, punk and rock make up the bulk of the music these three listen to. And surprisingly, Amierul and Astley have completely different music tastes despite their near-identical auras. Some of these genres have also got us scratching our heads. Can dubstep really be melodic? What is grime? Why does Astley listen to video game music? 

The upbeat ones

What we think: Our next group of people with similar auras comprises video producer Olga, Sean, our CEO, and Thiam Peng, our editor. We're seeing lots of yellows, purples and blues, so this group probably listens to music for focus and motivation — at least according to Spotify's colour legend.

Since the auras look a lot more upbeat and dramatic compared to the previous group we're guessing they listen to a lot of pop and dance hits — whatever's topping the charts on the radio.  

Accurate or not: With pop dominating the table, we have to say that we were pretty accurate with our reading. Sorry guys, seems like you're pretty basic.

Bold tastes 

What we think: With loads of purple — which Spotify says is indicative of passionate music choices — and hints of orange (boldness) and pink (romance), we're definitely getting the vibe that Nabila, our social media manager, and Shi Jie, another journalist, listen to lots of hip hop and R&B. 

Accurate or not: We seem to have gotten Nabila's music taste right on the nose. Shi Jie, on the other hand, seems to have a far more eclectic music taste than we thought. A guy who listens to show tunes and gangster rap? We're intrigued. 

Final thoughts

After analysing all of our colleagues' music tastes, we've come to the conclusion that we should probably leave the aura reading to the professionals.

And while your audio aura can be a fun thing to share on social media, it doesn't really say all that much about your actual music taste. After all, as we've seen, people with near-identical auras can be partial to completely different genres of music. 


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