Spotify will stop shuffling tracks in album pages because Adele wants it so

PHOTO: Twitter/@PopBase

Spotify will stop shuffling tracks in album pages and will play them in the order the artist intended. This change was reportedly requested by Adele.

In the past, Spotify would play an album's songs in a random order, which, to be honest, isn't what some of us wanted or even expected.

When you hit play now, the songs will play in the album's intended order. You can still shuffle tracks by toggling the "Shuffle" icon when viewing an individual track.

Apple Music, on the other hand, plays an album's track in order unless you turn on shuffle.

Adele tweeted earlier saying:


To which Spotify replied: "Anything for you."

Adele recently launched 30, her first album in six years, to great success. The track, Easy on Me, recently broke the record for most global listens in a single day.

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