The Razer Zephyr wearable air purifier and mask is finally here

PHOTO: Razer

Razer is launching a product that has been teased since CES earlier this year: the Razer Zephyr, a wearable air purifier, and what Razer dubs 'The World's Smartest Mask'.

Initially known as Project Hazel, the Zephyr isn't Razer's first foray into the world of wearable technology, with similarly unique products like the Razer Nabu and Nabu X smartbands to the Razer Anzu smart glasses.

This isn't necessarily Razer's first mask either, as the company currently sells disposable and cloth face masks on their website, following the conversion of some of its manufacturing facilities to produce masks earlier in the pandemic.

But as a mask and wearable air purifier, it certainly is a unique idea from a gaming company of all places, and is definitely timely given the situation the world is in at the moment.

The Zephyr is based on three concepts: safe, social, and sustainable, and it has the functions and features to show that.

For safety, Razer says that the Zephyr has N95-medical grade filters on each side of the ventilators and below the mask. The fans under these ventilators can be selected to spin at 4,200RPM or 6,200RPM, and can even be switched off.

 Finally, there's a soft silicone face seal and dual head straps to ensure that the mask's seal is secure.

Thanks to the illuminations from the Chroma RGB that wraps around the ventilators , the mask's interior lights up in dark environments, and is coated with an anti-fog spray.

The N95 Grade filters are also replaceable (Razer recommends changing them every three days with daily usage), with three sets of replacements available right out of the box. 

And if you ever run out of the filters for the Zephyr, Razer sells a pack of 10 sets of filters for 30 additional days of usage, going for $49.90.

If you are ready to look like Sub-Zero or Scorpion, the Zephyr starts at $159.90 at the Razer Store and the standard package comes with three sets of filters.

This article was first published in Hardware Zone.

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