New Facebook game Pac-Man Community features multiplayer and real-time streamer interactivity

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If you ever wanted more multiplayer for your Pac-Man experience, then apparently, Facebook has you covered with Pac-Man Community.

The multiplayer-focused experience allows players to play the game with up to three other players, and more interestingly, it can all be done via the Facebook platform itself.

Friends can work together to fend off the ghosts while vying for the highest scores, with the social media platform providing some useful tools to make the experience better.

You can create rooms to play with friends, and if you have a favourite Facebook Gaming streamer, they are also able to invite viewers to play with the Facebook's Play with Streamer feature.

Pac-Man Community allows streamers to play with fans. PHOTO: Geek Culture

In addition, Pac-Man Community spices things up by allowing players to create their own levels. No more traditional maze, as the creation tools will likely see the birth of more crazy levels and diabolical deathtraps.

The new game will also see the debut of Facebook Interactives, with the "Watch" mode of Pac-Man Community, which will be launching as a beta.

Basically, in Watch mode, the 2D mazes are transformed with a 3D isometric view, and viewers can choose to power up our hero or the ghosts to make things interesting. This new feature will also extend to player-created levels as well.

The Watch mode in Pac-Man Community. PHOTO: Geek Culture

Developed by Genvid, the game is now available on both desktop and mobile versions of Facebook, and will be a platform-exclusive.

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