iPhone to Google Pixel WhatsApp chat transfer now available

PHOTO: Pexels

Google has announced that Whatsapp's chat history migration feature, allowing users to transfer chat history from iPhones to Pixel phones, will finally be made available to all Pixel phones.

This was a feature that Samsung had, making use of its Smart Switch app.

With the feature being extended to Pixel phones as well, it makes the switch from iOS to Android much easier for a wider group of people.

The process is also a simple one, as long as both phones have Whatsapp updated, keep a USB-C to Lightning cable handy, and scan a QR code using the iPhone when it appears on the Android phone.

The iPhone won't receive Whatsapp messages while the transfer is ongoing, so there will be nothing that gets lost during this process.

What's more, the feature could be supported on older phones in the future when they are updated to the Android 12 operating system.

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