Google Pay's Huat Pals back again to bless your Lunar New Year

PHOTO: Google Pay

Google Pay struck gold in 2021 with the release of their Huat Pals social game that sent Singapore into a fever pitch.Last year, Google gave users an opportunity to win $88.88 with they were able to collect all the five characters mostly through transactions, referrals, and several other actions.

This time around, fans probably have to collect six characters instead to redeem their haul. Opting for super cute characters, the first to be revealed is a brand new Tiger character.

From what we can tell, the dreaded “BB Loh” is back once again and he might be looking to terrorise Singaporeans once again.

But, as far as game mechanics go, the rest of the Huat Pals might look to throw a spanner in the works and upstage BB Loh this time round. We might be looking at a hot pot character, lantern, a cookie, and a panda joining the fray.

Sign up for Google Pay here and do let us know if you need to trade specific Huat Pals!

This article was first published in Geek Culture.

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