Apple is updating its AirTags to make them less useful for stalking


Apple's AirTags are fantastic trackers but that has turned out to be a double-edged sword.

It's super effective for keeping track of objects, but users are also concerned about how easily they can be used to stalk people. Now, Apple is making updates to make it less effective at doing so.

At launch, the AirTags would only chime after three days if they were separated from their owners. As you can see, that's a huge window where the AirTags would lie undetectable – especially to iPhone users who haven't updated to the latest version of iOS and Android users.

Now, Apple is tweaking the AirTags so that they would chime at some point between eight and 24 hours .

Additionally, Apple also announced that an Android app would be coming later this year that will let Android users detect AirTags and other Find My network trackers and accessories.

AirTag users who want to update their AirTags only need to bring their AirTags within range of their iPhones. The update occurs automatically and there's no way to force an update.

To check if your AirTags have been updated. Follow these steps:

  • Open the Find My app
  • Tap on the "Items" tab and tap on your AirTag
  • Tap on the name of your AirTag under the map to check your firmware version

The firmware version number that you want to see is 1.0.276. This is the latest version.

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This article was first published in Hardware Zone.