Android users get protection from AirTag stalkers with new app called Tracker Detect


Apple has just released an android based app designed to alert users for AirTags or other trackers using Apple’s Find My Network that might have been placed on or near them.

Called Tracker Detect, it is available now on the Google Play Store and requires Android version 9 and up, and 19MB of space.

Apple users receive alerts if an AirTag is detected near them, but this necessitated the use of an iPhone. Apple promised a similar solution for Android users, and they are now delivering on that.

Once installed, users need to manually run the 'scan' to detect any AirTag or equivalent nearby. If discovered, they can activate the Play Sound function to help locate it. After this point, the user will receive instructions on how to remove the battery or otherwise disable it.

According to reports, you don’t need an Apple account to use the app. Which is a good thing as this is targeting Android users who probably wouldn’t have one in the first place.

Tracker Detect arrives as more reports of the use of AirTags being abused with Apple having to recently update them to make them less useful for stalking.

Other Apple apps in the Play Store include Apple Music, Apple TV, Beats, and Move to iOS.

Source: engadget, 9to5Google

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This article was first published in Hardware Zone.