Where's Pikachu? Chinese woman's last-minute birthday cake choice leaves son in tears

PHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube

A boy who turned 11 on Jan 8 was sorely disappointed after receiving a birthday cake that looked very different from what he was promised. 

Instead of the adorable Pikachu, textbook print-outs of different subjects including English, mathematics and science adorned his cake, reported Chinese media.

And the icing on the cake? A message that read: "As long as the world does not end, you have to do your homework". 

Talk about spoiling the fun.

The boy, who lives in Jiangsu, China, got so upset that he broke down and cried. 


"The original cake that I ordered was Pikachu, he knows that, but I changed it at the last minute," his mum told reporters. 

"His examinations are approaching, but he's still playing games every day. I want him to revise his schoolwork and do well in his examinations," she added. 

Final examinations for primary schools in Jiangsu are expected to take place from Jan 22 to 26

Photos of the unusual cake did not sit well with netizens, who did not agree with the woman's 'reminder'. 

Unfortunately, the boy wasn't the only one who was let down on his special day.

Last September, a boy in Hebei also received a birthday cake that was decorated with textbooks.

Photos of the boy holding his cake with a resigned expression tickled netizens, although some cautioned that such a move might leave a psychological impact on him. 


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