Mum saves baby by cushioning his fall with her leg in China


You can put it down to a mother’s “spidey-sense”, but mums almost always can sense when their children are in trouble.

Case in point was a woman at her home in Changchun city in the eastern Chinese province of Jilin.

When her child, who appears to be a boy, climbs atop a table and falls backwards, she uses some nimble footwork to stick her right foot out and cushion her baby’s head before it hits the floor.

The incident was captured on home surveillance footage.

The woman, identified only as Ms Zuo, said she was having a fever and flu at the time, and that medication had made her sluggish. But that still wasn't enough to stop her motherly instincts from kicking in – all while taking a sip of water, no less.

After saving her son, the mother does not pick him up and appears to talk to the young child, who looks up at Ms Zuo while lying on her foot before rolling onto his stomach to continue playing.

Ms Zuo said: 'Bringing up a baby (requires) supernatural powers at any time.

'I caught a cold and had a fever, my brain was reacting slowly, but fortunately my motherly instinct was still there!'

Despite her steadfastness, some netizens still found some reason to criticise her online:

But thankfully, not everyone's a cynic and most applauded her heroics.

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