'Almost everything in the house is broken': Chinese woman in quarantine watches helplessly as pet dog destroys home


A woman quarantined for 14 days in China had to watch in horror on her home’s surveillance feed her pet dog tear up the interior of her home while she was isolated.

The woman, who hails from Xi’an and is surnamed Liu, told Chinese media outlet HouLang News she set up the feed and prepared enough food for the dog as she could not bring it with her into quarantine.

Ms Liu said her pet dog seemed a little down on the day she left. It sat at the front door, waiting for her to return.

On the second day, the dog became agitated and started ripping apart her sofa.

"Every single day, it was tearing up the house. Every single day it was destroying a new item. Almost everything in the house is broken now," Ms Liu said, adding that she has started to buy new furniture to replace the ones her dog destroyed.

A video of the dog in the house on Jan 17 showed multiple items strewn across the floor, with the dog gnawing on the sofa.

Ms Liu said she felt "desperate" while witnessing her dog's behaviour, although she is grateful at least that her pet is well and healthy.

Social media users have opined that her pooch might have exhibited destructive behaviour due to separation anxiety.

Her story has also prompted some Weibo users to advocate that pets be allowed to go with their owners into quarantine. Others have asked if a pet volunteer program or a government agency could step in to care for animals left behind by owners in quarantine.

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