Strataly — A Much-awaited Strata Today Token Sale Launch

Strata Coin, commonly known as Strata Today, is officially available with the much-awaited ongoing sale

Strataly is a future Web Browser that is solving the issue of people hating ads. It believes the target audience only actively participates when compensated. It also adds that users cannot control what ads are presented to them.

Showing adverts relevant to end users' interests is Strataly's solution, and it also compensates users for engaging with appropriate advertisements on the Strata Today rewarded platforms. Thus, decentralization with blockchain promotes control, Strata Today.

In terms of competition, it competes with Brave. Still, the market is large enough for all participants, and its existing ad network can easily grow quicker and become worldwide with user support. Also, to strengthen its marketing and attract more like-minded people, the business collaborated with Adnaira, a prominent digital advertising firm.

Presently it allows advertisers to pay for ads, and 30% of the money is shared among users on its numerous incentive programs where commercials are shown to maintain constant financing. Moreover, the organization also has a redistribution network fee.

Access to the global market

Strataly will also engage with merchants and industry leaders to get policy access to the global market to stay updated and remain valuable.

Strata Coin, commonly known as Strata Today, is officially available with the much-awaited ongoing sale. Strata Today is a BEP20-compliant digital coin that works like Binance (BNB). It acts as a platform currency and independent value store for users, advertisers, and investors.

In addition, the token may be used to pay and can be incorporated into other merchant platforms. Strata Today has a pre-set total supply of 22,000,000 STRATA.

Secure Mining

Investors and users may acquire the currency and also earn network fees. The maximum transaction value is set to 5 BNB. Secure mining is possible as tokens may also be mined via the browser, search engine, or gaming.

The company intends to deploy Wallet Platform and trading in early 2022. Users may earn through many more exciting ways as the company intends to launch more methods of future earnings shortly.

How To Participate On UniCrypt?

For users to get whitelisted, here are the following ways:

- Go to Strata on UniCrypt:
- Connect your wallet (Metamask can be used for betterment, as there are known issues with Trust Wallet)
- Ensure you have at least 50 UNCL or 3 UNCX (on the same blockchain) if you wish to join from round 1


- Reserve your slot during round 0 by sending 2 UNCL (proceed with your BNB investment)
- Enter the amount of token (usually BNB) you wish to spend and confirm
- Wait for ILO to complete successfully then withdraw your token from the same page
- If the ILO fails, you can withdraw your original investment (usually BNB)


- Follow Strataly on Twitter
- Retweet and like the Pinned post
- Tag 3 friends
- DM Strataly your (BEP20) wallet address on the Twitter page to add to the whitelist manually

About Strataly

Strataly is a future Web Browser that rewards users for using its search engine for browsing. The firm is focused on rewards & advertising. Strataly's objective is to reward users for doing what they love utilizing decentralized blockchain technology and improve the internet of value by rewarding interactions.


Contact Info:
Name: Strataly
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Organization: Strataly
Address: UK/London

Release ID: 89054952

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